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Magnus provides precision machined parts for a wide range of industries - wherever tight tolerances, high quality and reliable long-term business partnerships are valued.

We have a long history of investing in equipment and training to meet our customers’ needs from our Rochester, NY facility.

For example, we installed a 12-station, 64-axis rotary transfer CNC machine for a customer in the firearms industry, to meet their need for very high throughput of precision components. We also procured a federal firearms license, allowing us to fulfill more of their supply chain needs.

This is just one example of how we go “above and beyond” in all areas of our business. We won’t be satisfied until we  have become your favorite supplier. It’s just the way we do things.

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stainless machined component

Stainless steel bolt head features ± .0005" OD tolerance.


machined components for industry
"Magnus Precision excels in every expect of manufacturing. Their people and equipment are simply the best in the industry."
- Manager, major machine tool builder

Tight tolerance, high volume

stainless bolt plugBolt plug from 12L14 stainless with orientation on the threads and intersecting angled diameters. Created on the Wirth and Gruffat 64-axis 12-spindle rotary transfer machine. 


Meet the machines: rotary transfer

Meeting our customers’ needs.  We invested in this 12-station, 64-axis Wirth & Gruffat CNC milling machine to meet a particular customer’s need for productivity. The rotary transfer system eliminates tolerance build-up and speeds throughput. Operations include multi-side turning, reaming, milling, tapping and slotting – all in one machine.