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Optics and photonics

We excel at manufacturing tight-toleranced, highly-engineered parts for optical systems in military and defense, space technology and metrology applications.

We readily work with exotic materials that other machine shops won’t touch. We have invested in fire-suppression-equipped machines for cutting magnesium and have developed the necessary processes for its safe handling. We machine costly materials such as aluminum berrylium with confidence.

Our location near the optics hub of Rochester, NY means we can work in close partnership with leading optical manufacturers both locally and around the country, delivering precision machined parts for the most demanding optical systems. 

Contact us for innovative and cost-efficient optics and photonics components.

lamp mount for a vision system

Lamp mount for a vision system has ± .0005” tolerances, one of our many precision machined parts for optical systems.




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optical components
"It is so refreshing to get high quality precision machined parts on-time, from a first class group of people who take their core values seriously."
- Director of Optical Manufacturing, Magnus customer

Materials and tolerances for optics

machined optical componentWe work with a wide rage of materials for optics applications. We routinely maintain parallelism and perpendicularity to .001" or better.



Meet the machines: precision lathes

Twin-turret, twin-spindle bar-fed machines provide ultra precision and high throughput of precision machined parts in our Rochester, NY facility.