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High-end industrial

For high-end industrial equipment, we create complex precision machined parts with thin walls, in a variety of materials, with a wide range of finishes. Applications range from cryogenic pumps and precision test equipment to offshore drilling.

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machined alternator end cap for offshore oil drill

Offshore oil drill alternator 4" round end cap has extremely tight tolerances:  ID +.0005" / -.0000" and OD +.0000" / -.0005".





Member Cryogenic Society of America

components for industrial instruments
“Magnus' commitment to invest in state-of-the-art manufacturing technology and lights-out manufacturing allows them to be a leading supplier of precision machined components where quality, prices, and time-to-market are essential."
- President/CEO, industrial design and manufacturing company


High tolerance

cryo pump valve housingCryogenic pump valve housing made from extruded stock has ±  .0005" IDs.


machined 16" bearing housingWe also machine larger components with high precision, such as this 16" diameter bearing housing where we held ±  .0005" tolerance on both IDs and ODs.


Meet the machine: high-speed milling

Our horizontal mills include high-speed milling systems for high-volume production of precision machined parts in our Rochester, NY facility.