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Every precision machined part starts and ends with engineering. Our on-staff engineers will review your drawings with you, and make sure that we understand your critical requirements. We can often make suggestions to ensure manufacturability, reduce cost or improve quality.

Then your project engineer follows your part through every step of the process - from set up and machining, through deburring and quality control, to final shipping. It’s just one way we ensure that every part we deliver meets your expectations.

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engineering services
"It is not often in my world-wide travels that I've seen such a comfortable working relationship between management and the manufacturing people on the shop floor."
- Quality Engineering Director, industrial product manufacturer



Complex parts machined with precision

aircraft gas manifoldTitanium gas manifold for the F-35 fighter jet has 596 process dimensions and ± .0005" tolerances throughout. Produced on a Deckel Maho 5-axis machining center.


Meet the machine: horizontal milling

Mitsubishi horizontal milling machine - one of the many CNC machining centers in our shop near Rochester, NY.